Princess Nourah University Hosts Mawhiba Universal Enrichment Program

Riyadh: The Deanship of Student Affairs at Princess Nourah bint Abdulrahman University is hosting the Mawhiba Universal Enrichment Program, affiliated with the King Abdulaziz and His Companions Foundation for Giftedness and Creativity, with the participation of 279 talented students.

The program started yesterday at the College of Science on the university campus and will continue for three weeks during the summer. It aims to enrich students’ scientific and linguistic knowledge, help them identify their future scientific fields, provide them with the experience of completing tasks and projects at a university level, highlight national talents, and prepare students to support the Kingdom’s transition to a knowledge-based society.

Also, it seeks to enhance students’ communication with international universities, open promising horizons for them to continue their studies, and develop their personal skills.

The program includes four tracks: medical, biological, and chemical sciences; physics, geology, and spac
e sciences; engineering sciences; and computer and applied mathematics sciences.

Source: Saudi Press Agency

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