A delegation from the Syrian People’s Assembly keeps up with Russian presidential election at Donetsk

Moscow, The presidential election in Russia entered its third and final day on Sunday as the voter turnout has stood at 60% at 10:00 a.m. Moscow time, while the online voter turnout has stood at 90% so far, according to live update from the Russian Central Election Commission.

The international observers who keep up with the election process confirm that it is taking place under normal conditions and comply with all standards of transparency and democracy.

A delegation from the Syrian People’s Assembly visited a number of polling stations in Donetsk city to keep up the Russian Presidential election there ,and confirmed that it is taking place normally.

Head of the Syrian-Russian Parliamentary Friendship Committee, MP. Bassem Sudan said that the election is underway in these polling stations with complete freedom and democracy.

He expressed his regret that the West is continuing its attempts to distort the Russian election, and considered that such Western attempts are evidence of the success of the electo
ral process.

In turn, MP. Izzat Arabi Katbi, said that Russia is proving to the whole world that it practices democracy in its highest and truest form, contrary to what the West claims.

Source: Syrian Arab News Agency

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