Agriculture and the European Union discuss prospects for joint cooperation and Gaza relief

Ramallah Together – Minister of Agriculture, Rizq Salimiyeh, met with the Head of Cooperation in the Office of the European Union Representative in Palestine, Mr. Ibrahim Al-Afia, and his accompanying delegation.

The meeting discussed the prospects for joint cooperation, the plans and directions of the new government related to strengthening resilience and relief in Gaza, and the framework regulating the relationship with the European Union office and a number of joint projects, given that the European Union is one of the most supportive of the agricultural sector.

Salimih briefed his guests on the reality of the agricultural sector and the obstacles facing it, especially from the Israeli occupation, which destroyed all the capabilities and components of agriculture in the southern governorates and the systematic operations and attacks carried out by the occupation and its settlers in the northern governorates.

The Minister emphasized that the agricultural sector is the incubator for all those seeking a jo
b opportunity, and that the sector is the basis of economic empowerment in Palestine, and that it is the base for production and self-reliance within the framework of the gradual disengagement from the Israeli economy.

The meeting also touched on agricultural projects financed and will be financed by the European Union now and in the future.

For his part, the Head of Cooperation in the European Union Office, Mr. Al-Afia, stressed the European Union’s continued support for the agricultural sector and cooperation with the Ministry of Agriculture to enhance the steadfastness of farmers, especially in the so-called ‘C’ areas, and to provide relief to Gaza and the importance of continuing the existing joint projects that serve the agricultural sector in the field of livestock. And the aid provided to those affected by the occupation, national numbering, remote sensing and other projects, noting that the European Union is ready for further cooperation and called on the Minister of Agriculture to provide the Europ
ean Union with a number of proposals, perceptions and ideas that would crystallize creative directions for the agricultural sector.

Source: Maan News Agency

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