In protest against the crime: “The Follow-up” announces a general strike on Tuesday

The Arab Follow-up Committee held an emergency meeting in the municipality of Kafr Qara on Sunday morning, and decided to declare a general and comprehensive strike, teach for two hours, organize demonstrations for school students on Tuesday, establish an emergency committee, and turn the funeral into an angry demonstration.

The scheduled strike will include local authorities, their affiliated bodies, business owners, and the education system, which will continue until three o’clock. Eventually, the students will join the strikers in protest convoys and participate in activities against crime and violence

On Sunday evening, thousands of Kafr Qara residents and the Arab community mourned the victim of the murder and the imam of the Quba Mosque in the city, Sami Abdel Latif Masri, amid an atmosphere of sadness, anger, and mourning that hung over the city following the killing of 3 people in a matter of hours

Source: Maan News Agency

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