Jazan University Scout Students Participate in Public Service Camps during Hajj Season 1445 AH

Jazan, Jazan University participates in this year’s Hajj season through the scouts’ mission of the university, which is supervised by the Saudi Arabian Boy Scouts Association, to serve pilgrims.

Dean of Student Affairs at Jazan University Dr. Yahya Faqihi said that the university participates in Hajj season 1445 AH with a selected group of students that underwent the training courses needed to serve pilgrims together with colleagues from other universities.

He pointed out that the university’s scouts’ mission won third place in the field of surveying and guidance in last year’s Hajj season.

Faqihi said that the university’s missions include carrying out a field survey of Hajj campaigns at the holy sites, guiding pilgrims and delivering them to their camps, and cooperating with the rest of the participating agencies, including the General Directorate of Civil Defense, the Saudi Red Crescent Authority, and security patrols, in organizing traffic, and returning lost children to their families.

Source: Saudi
Press Agency

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