Minister of Awqaf Inspects Qatar’s Hajj Camps in Holy Sites

HE Minister of Endowments (Awqaf) and Islamic Affairs, Ghanem bin Shaheen Al Ghanim, who heads the Qatari Mission for the Hajj season AH 1445, inspected Qatar’s Hajj camps in the holy sites.

Accompanied by HE Consul General of the State of Qatar in Jeddah Rashid bin Saeed Al Khayarin, HE Al Ghanim scrutinized all the services and facilities provided by the camps in Mina and Arafat for the 19 Qatari pilgrimage campaigns.

During the tour, a representative of the Ithraa Group for Pilgrims Services briefed the two dignitaries on the facilities and services implemented under the supervision of the Qatari Hajj Mission’s advisory committee and the services units.

He highlighted the Arafat camps’ well-equipped, furnished and air-conditioned living rooms, which were tested to withstand hot weather to ensure a high-quality operation. He added that the camps contain a multi-purpose seat for each pilgrim, made of the best materials, and that the Qatar Hajj Affairs Office provided top-notch heat-insulating tents (PVC)
in the Arafat site and air conditioners with high capacity and several shaded outdoor spaces.

He added that Mina and Arafat camps included all means of security and safety, and healthcare facilities including medical clinics, a pharmacy, rooms for examination and isolation, an emergency department for both sexes, and a highly equipped ambulance.

Highly skilled healthcare providers across various specialties accompany the countrys pilgrims in all their movements from Arafat to Muzdalifah.

Source: Qatar News Agency

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