Palestinian Prisoners Decide to Embark on Hunger Strike on Sep. 14

The Palestinian prisoners in the Israeli occupation’s prisons decided to embark on an open-ended hunger strike starting Sep. 14 in a reaction to the decision taken by the national security minister in the Israeli entity government Itamar Ben-Gvir to reduce visitation of the prisoners’ families to one visit every two months instead of one month.

The decision to embark on hunger strike came to halt all decisions and policies that would suffocate prisoners and regain all rights taken during the past period, according to the Higher Follow-up Committee (the supreme leadership body for the Palestinians of 48).

Along with all its relevant factions, the Supreme National Emergency Committee of the National Captive Movement affirmed that Ben-Gvir is playing with fire by taking decisions against the Palestinian prisoners, their families, and rights, adding that such fire will burn who sets it.

The movement pointed out that the standoff that emerged within the occupation’s government pertaining to this decision is neither a recognition of this right, nor an acknowledgment of this achievement, but rather about the timing and mechanism for taking it.

Meanwhile, Stark differences emerged within the Israeli occupation’s government on Saturday, as the Israeli national security council called on the government and all relevant entities to never deal with the decision of the national security minister to reduce the visitation of the Palestinian prisoners’ families. It warned all Israeli security apparatuses against the consequences of this decision within and without the prisons.

Source: Qatar News Agency

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