Qatar’s Pilgrims Begin Their Return to Homeland Tomorrow

The first groups of Qatar’s pilgrims will begin their return to the homeland on Wednesday after performing the Hajj rituals this year with complete ease.

In a statement on Tuesday, Deputy Head of the Medical Services Unit at the Qatari Hajj Mission, Mishal Abdullah Al Musaifri, said that all Qatar’s pilgrims are fine and in good health, indicating that they will return to the homeland safe and sound on Wednesday and Thursday after completing their Hajj.

He added that all cadres of the Medical Services Unit, including specialized doctors, accompanied Qatar’s pilgrims during their performance of all rituals, starting on the day of al-Tarwiyah in Mina, then in Arafa, as well as during the journey to Muzdalifah.

He indicated that the Medical Services Unit continued to provide healthcare to the state’s pilgrims during the days of Tashreeq, through the presence of all members of the unit with the pilgrims in the Mina camps since their return from Muzdalifah, during the first and second days of the days of Tashre
eq, until all the pilgrims left to stone the Jamarat, where medical clinics for men and women operate around the clock.

Regarding diseases during the Hajj season, the Deputy Head of the Medical Services Unit at the Qatari Hajj Mission said that most of the diseases during the Hajj season centered around respiratory diseases and infections, noting that the medical staff at the Hajj Mission followed up on all the cases that visited the unit, and most of them were mild or moderate cases due to the common cold and coughs, some of which are due to the heat stress to which pilgrims are exposed due to the high temperatures.

Regarding emergency or critical medical cases, Dr. Al Musaifri said that they were examined and provided with urgent and necessary healthcare, and then transferred to Mina Hospital, which is close to the headquarters of the pilgrims of the State of Qatar. He noted that the Hajj Mission contracted with a number of private hospitals in Makkah Al Mukaramah and near Qatar pilgrims’ residences to tr
eat cases that require hospitalization.

Source: Qatar News Agency

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