Taif Municipality Distributes More Than 3,000 Gifts to Pilgrims

Taif, The Taif Municipality, through its volunteer initiative “Taif Welcomes the Pilgrims,” has distributed over 3,000 gifts, flower bouquets, sun-protective umbrellas, as well as guidance and awareness flyers and brochures to pilgrims travelling towards Makkah via land and airports.

The municipality, with the support of Taif Governor Prince Saud bin Nahar bin Saud bin Abdulaziz and the follow-up of Municipality Mayor Eng. Abdullah bin Khamis Al-Zaidi continued its efforts at the security screening center at Al-Bahita and the international arrivals hall at Taif International Airport. The aim is to enhance services at the international airport and comfort pilgrims during their journey to Makkah.

Volunteers from the municipality and other non-profit sectors presented bouquets and flowers to the pilgrims, wishing them a smooth and easy Hajj experience in light of the government’s comprehensive services and capabilities, as well as the combined efforts of all sectors to ensure comfort and safety for the pilgrim

The pilgrims appreciated these efforts, seeing them as a true reflection of the dedication of the sectors involved in providing comfort to the pilgrims and ensuring the best services, in line with the efforts and support provided by the leadership to serve pilgrims from around the world.

Source: Saudi Press Agency

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