The National Union of Civil Society Institutions demands that consuls and international institutions be informed of what is happening in Tulkarm and its camps

Ramallah Ma’an – In light of the repeated incursions by the occupation army into the city of Tulkarm and its camps, and the practice of destroying the infrastructure, homes and facilities, and the psychological conflicts experienced by children, women and the elderly, the institutions of the National Union of Civil Society Organizations in Tulkarm Governorate demand that the government and the relevant authorities urgently invite consuls and international humanitarian, legal and media institutions to see in the field what the Israeli occupation is doing, from destruction and targeting of all aspects of life, including people and trees, economic siege, land confiscation, attempts to create a buffer zone, and attempts to displace the Palestinian people from their land, in conjunction with a media incitement campaign against Tulkarm, by members of the occupation government and settlers, which leads to the exacerbation of the gap in creating stability, security and peace.

She called for the formation of an urgen
t emergency committee to confront the humanitarian disaster and provide the capabilities to address the effects of the destruction, and provide shelter and a decent life for those affected.

Source: Maan News Agency

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