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UN Secretary General Pledges Efforts to Renew Truce in Yemen

UN Secretary-General António Guterres has pledged ?to exert all efforts to renew the truce in Yemen, ?restart the political process, and enable Yemenis to build ?a state based on partnership and respect for human rights??

During a meeting in New York with Yemeni Presidential Leadership Council (PLC) President Rashad al-Alimi, Guterres renewed the ?international organization’s commitment to supporting the ? PLC and government, the official Yemeni news agency SABA reported.?

The Yemeni president, on the other hand, said? that the ?government is open to initiatives that could lead to a comprehensive ?solution agreed upon at national, regional and international levels, ?particularly to those respecting UN resolutions and international legitimacy.

He also praised the mediation efforts ?led by Saudi Arabia and Oman to ?renew the truce and launch a political process under UN auspices.

Source: Saudi Press Agency