Warnings that hospitals and health centers will stop working in Gaza

Gaza – Together – The medical system warned, on Wednesday, that hospitals, health centers and the only oxygen station in the Gaza Governorate would stop working, as a result of the lack of fuel, in light of the continued Israeli occupation aggression against the Gaza Strip and its control over the crossings.

She explained that this would expose the lives of dozens of sick and wounded people to death, in addition to exposing the medicines in the refrigerators to damage, because diesel was not included to operate the generator feeding the oxygen station and the refrigerators for storing medicines.

It appealed to all concerned, international and humanitarian institutions for the necessity and speed of intervention to bring in the necessary fuel, in addition to the electric generators and spare parts needed for maintenance.

She pointed out that dialysis services in the Gaza Governorate are also at risk of stopping, as a result of the lack of fuel, in addition to the remaining ambulances stopping work.

The tol
l of the aggression against Gaza has risen to 37,164 martyrs and 84,832 injuries since October 7, 2023.

Source: Maan News Agency

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