Housing Minister participates in workshop organised by CMEC

Beijing, Amna bint Ahmed Al Romaihi, Minister of Housing and Urban Planning, participated in a specialised workshop organised by the China Machinery Engineering Corporation (CMEC).

The workshop focused on innovative construction technology designed to improve the efficiency and quality of construction projects.

The workshop discussed the operational aspects of ready-mixed concrete technology widely used in projects across China. It highlighted several benefits for housing projects, particularly its ability to accelerate the completion of residential units and buildings by simplifying construction processes.

The workshop emphasised the technology’s durability, high-quality construction standards, and compliance with specifications for thermal and noise insulation, water resistance, and fire resistance.

The minister commended the outcome of the workshop and highlighted the wide range of architectural construction methods used in China, particularly the success of ready-mixed concrete technology in various i
nternational projects.

She underscored the importance of enhancing cooperation with Chinese firms and exchanging expertise in the building and construction industry to achieve common goals, support the advancement of housing projects, and expedite their execution while maintaining quality standards to ensure adequate housing for citizens.

Source: Bahrain News Agency

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