MOCI Launches Complaint Submission Service Via Mobile Application

The Ministry of Commerce and Industry (MOCI) announced Monday the launch of a new complaint submission service through its mobile application under the name ‘MOCIQATAR.’ The aim is to facilitate the complaint submission process, improve service quality, and ensure the effective meeting of user needs.

In a statement, the MOCI said that the latest technology was employed in developing this user-friendly service.

The application allows users to report complaints related to prices, sales, products or services, misleading advertisements, and information. Additionally, it handles complaints concerning bills, payment methods, licensing, compliance, health and safety, and public order, as well as complaints about exploitation, misuse, and other violations that consumers may encounter.

Through the launch of this new service, the MOCI aims to ensure consumer protection by facilitating a faster complaint submission process. This will allow the Ministry’s relevant departments to address raised issues promptly, ensure
users receive the necessary assistance, improve consumer experience, and enhance service quality.

Source: Qatar News Agency

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