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NO.2:ANXINSEC addressed the business interruption and data assets breaches for core business systems at GITEX GLOBAL 2022

BEIJING, Oct. 19, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — GITEX GLOBAL 2022 came to a successful conclusion. During the most influential event, ANXINSEC, as a memory security leader, presented its competitive product, MDPS (Memory Detection and Protection System), and several scenario-based security solutions. The MDPS (Memory Detection and Protection System) of ANXINSEC gained a lot of attention at GITEX.

Meanwhile, ANXINSEC was invited to participate in the Gitex Global 2022 Huawei Cloud TechWave Summit MEA and officially joined the Technologies Along Silk Road Alliance, which will jointly empower the Silk Road technology ecosystem and provide security solutions to more overseas customers.

With close ecological cooperation with Huawei, ANXINSEC has paid joint efforts to continuously provide security solutions for overseas customers, which is well acknowledged.

As cyber-crime costs enterprises hundreds of billions of dollars every year, cybersecurity has played a more critical role. As per World Economic Forum Global Cybersecurity outlook, 87% of top executives are planning to improve cyber resilience in their organization. Therefore, ANXINSEC’s focus at GITEX this year is to provide a Memory Detection and Protection System. Unlike other security products that only alarm without further action upon detection of malicious attacks, the MDPS from ANXINSEC can quietly defend against attacks before any damage is caused without affecting the businesses and data assets.

“In daily operations, when discovering a vulnerability exploit attack, the entire remediation process usually will take several days, weeks or even months, from the third party’s patch release, test environment verification, production environment verification to production environment deployment. This leaves a considerable risk of being attacked at all stages during this period. By having a memory-centric detection and protection system, the customers will have a new option to enhance their defense-in-depth system.  It’s expectable to improve their defensive power while minimizing the time and space for adversary/threat actors. For better serving and supporting the customers, Anxinsec also provides professional security services, to help our customers in fulfilling the gap and ensuring their business continuity and data security.” the technology expert explained to the visitors.

In the midst of the great wave of the digitalization process, ANXINSEC is committed to protecting the peace of the digital world.