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41st Annual Conference of Syrian Society of Ophthalmologists kicks off in Damascus

Damascus, With the participation of more than 25 physicians from Arab and foreign countries, the 41st Annual Conference of the Syrian Society of Ophthalmologists was launched Wednesday, at Damascus-based Sheraton Hotel.

Delivering a speech during the conference, the Minister of Health, Hassan al-Ghabash, said that the Ministry pays a great attention to sponsoring conferences and scientific demonstrations as a means of communication and concerted efforts, which opens the door wide for exchanging experiences, information and ideas, and learning about what is new in ophthalmology.

The conference aims at advancing expertise to international levels in the diagnosis and treating various eye diseases, along with the development of practice techniques in a way that contributes to enhancing medical services provided to citizens, he added.

Minister al-Ghabash noted that the number of services in ophthalmology provided for free or almost free of charge last year amounted to approximately 100.000 including more than
11.000 surgical operations throughout 29 hospitals.

A large number of Ophthalmologists are participating in the 3-day conference, along with external participation via the Internet.

The conference is accompanied by a medical exhibition including the latest medical devices and technologies related to eye diseases and surgery, in addition to products of many pharmaceutical companies.

It was attended by the Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research, Bassam Ibrahim.

Source: Syrian Arab News Agency