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A delegation of (FAO) visits Qatar

On Sunday, Dr. Masoud Jarallah Almarri, Director of Food Security Department at the Ministry of Municipality met a delegation of experts of Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO).

The delegation visits Qatar to do an exploratory study about the internal supply chains and to study the market of the locally produced vegetables.

During the meeting, the efforts of the Ministry of Municipality to achieve self-sufficiency within the national strategy of food security through developing the local agricultural production by encouraging approving the developed farming inside the greenhouses and supporting the local farmers by launching a number of programs to market the local agricultural production were discussed.

The Director of Food Security Department assured that the national strategy of food security achieved its goals during the previous milestone due to the concerted efforts of all the ministries, authorities, companies, the private sector and all those who are concerned with food security in the State through The Follow-up Committee of the implementation of the food security policies in both the government and private sectors.

Source: Ministry of Municipality