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A fire extinguished at warehouse for batteries in al-Fahhameh area

Damascus Fire Department extinguished a fire broke out Saturday evening at a warehouse for batteries and car spare parts in al-Fahhameh area in Damascus.

‘At 9:40 p.m. on Saturday, we received a report of a fire in a warehouse in al-Baramkeh area, immediately, firefighting, rescue and evacuation personnel went to the place and started to put out the fire’, commander of Damascus Fire Department, Brigadier General Daoud Amiri told SANA.

Amiri noted that the fire spread to residential flats and commercial offices in the building, adding that more than 20 cars participated in extinguishing the fire..

He went on saying that one of the firefighters suffered from suffocation due to the fire, adding that there were seven ambulances.

Source: Syrian Arab News Agency