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Ahmed Abu Al-Foul was killed by security forces in Tulkarm

Tulkarm – Ma’an – A citizen was killed on Wednesday evening by security forces’ bullets in Tulkarm.

The General Political Commissioner, the official spokesman for the security establishment, Major General Talal Dweikat, said that in the course of the usual work entrusted to the Palestinian security services to protect the security of citizens, and while there was a security forces patrol at the Peace Roundabout in the city of Tulkarm, a person targeted the patrol members by shooting them directly.

He added, and within the framework of the continuous instructions to the security forces to ward off dangers and gradually use force in proportion to the extent of the danger to which the security forces are exposed, the individuals responded to the source of the shooting, which led to the injury of their shooter, and he was transferred to Rafidiya Hospital for treatment.

In turn, the Nour Shams Camp Battalion and the Tulkarm Camp Battalion said in a press statement, ‘The security services targeted a car in which the Mujahid Ahmed Abu al-Foul was traveling and shot him directly. His martyrdom was later announced after attempts to revive him.’

“This crime is just like any assassination,” she said.

Source: Maan News Agency