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Al-Munajjid: Resuming cooperation with ALO, a positive start to face challenges

Minister of Social Affairs and Labor, Louai Imad al-Din al-Munajjid underlined the necessity of cooperation to boost the basics of economic and social stability, and to achieve the safe return of the Syrians to their homeland.

A-Munajjid’s remarks came in a speech at 49th session of Arab Labor Conference held in Cairo.

“The conference discusses means of promoting social work at the national and Arab levels, as a better strategic option to enhance economics of society, and it works on facing the crises and addressing their repercussions,” Minister al-Munajjid said.

He highlighted what Syria has been exposed to due to the war waged against it, the unilateral economic coercive measures, and the arbitrary acts of the Israeli occupation entity in the occupied Golan.

The minister affirmed that resuming cooperation programs between Arab Labor Organization(ALO) and Syrian Arab Republic constitutes a positive start towards activating joint cooperation tracks, in light of the economic and political challenges facing Syrian workers in a number of host countries.

He called again for the right cooperation between ALO and Syria to intensify efforts, particularly to support the return of Syrians to their homeland.

In turn, Head of Syrian Workers Union, Jamal al-Qadri, said: ‘We call for rejecting the blockade policies imposed by the US and its allies against all countries that do not adhere to its policies, which have no basis under the international law.”

Al-Qadri underscored the importance of the Arab stance in rejecting these policies, which affect the Syrian people and prevent them from the most basic requirements of life, and hinder the economic recovery.

Source: Syrian Arab News Agency