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ANXINSEC to highlight Memory Protection and Detection System for enterprises at GITEX Global 2022

DUBAI, UAE, Oct. 11, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — ANXINSEC is participating in the GITEX Global 2022 from 10-14 October, the Middle East’s most influential exhibition. As a leading brand of memory security, Anxinsec presents its competitive product, Memory Detection and Protection System (MDPS), and several scenario-based security solutions at this exhibition.


“GITEX GLOBAL remains the world’s largest tech show with the most innovative companies, showing great influence. We are pleased to get involved in the event and ready to demonstrate our multi-dimensional security solutions. I once read a report from the International Cybersecurity Conference that global economic losses of $2.5 trillion in 2019 were caused by cybersecurity issues. And Matt Miller, Microsoft’s security expert, said over 70% of issues were related to memory security. As memory protection is critical, we bring our product, Memory Protection and Detection System, which provides runtime protection for memory data, and hope to build the last defensive line of the Defense-in-Depth System for enterprises.” Alex Jiang says, CEO, ANXINSEC.

“With the increasing cybersecurity threats, ANXINSEC devotes to protecting enterprises from business interruption and data breaches. Based on innovative and other cutting-edge technologies, the MDPS provides multi-dimensional protection at the application level, system level, and hardware level, achieving runtime protection and comprehensive monitoring of memory data against various advanced attacks such as fileless attacks, 0-day vulnerability exploits, memory-targeted attacks which may evade traditional security solutions,” according to Roger, CSO, ANXINSEC.

In addition to the MDPS, ANXINSEC also provides Mobile Device Management that focuses on managing mobile devices, wireless networks, and other mobile computing services in a business environment and managed security services such as consultation, penetration testing, security maintenance, security operations, incident response services, as well as managed services, incident response services.

Committed to the mission of protecting the peace of the digital world, ANXINSEC is eager for more cooperation with existing friends and new connections with future partners. ANXINSEC endeavors to effectively protect our friends from the risk of data breaches and data tampering caused by malicious actors.

ANXINSEC shows its MDPS at CC1-1 in Concourse1. Security experts and senior executives are available on site for any consultation and ready to showcase how to build the last defensive line of the Defense-in-Depth System.

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