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Ashghal 10th Ramadan Tournament Kicks off with Over 660 Participants

Ashghal 10th Ramadan Tournament has been kicked off in cooperation with Federations of Football, Basketball and Table Tennis, and Billiards and Snooker.

This tournament is the largest ever since more than 660 players will compete in the 6 games of football, basketball, padel, table tennis, billiard, and video games (play station) in Qatar Sports Club. Ashghal 10th Ramadan tournament will witness the participation of 23 football teams, 18 basketball teams, 42 table tennis players, 20 padel players, 24 competing billiard players, and 20 video game players.

On this occasion, Ashghal’s Public Relations and Communications Department Manager Abdulla Saad Al Saad, affirmed that this tournament is different from previous Ramadan tournament editions organized by Ashghal, explaining that is it the largest due to its many participants from its employees along with various international and local companies.

Public Relations and Communications Department Manager extended his thanks and appreciation to the federations of football, basketball, and table tennis, Qatar Sports Club, and participating companies for their support and contribution to the success of this tournament for its outcome to be in the best possible form, calling on everyone to follow the annual tournament competition.

For his part, Manager of Ashghals 10th Ramadan tournament Hamad Nasser Al Nuaimi said that this year’s tournament would witness significant momentum due to its large number of participants as 660 players will compete in 6 games, which is the largest among Ramadan tournaments organized by Ashghal. For example, 345 players participate in football matches, while 216 participate in basketball matches which will certainly lead the tournament to be high level.

He added that the first day of the tournament would witness 6 games in the first round of football, where 23 teams will participate, divided into 6 groups competing in 40 matches with the top two from each group qualifying for the second round.

Source: Qatar News Agency