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Bahrain EDB hosts delegation from Monaco spearheading bilateral investment opportunities

Manama, Bahrain Economic Development Board (Bahrain EDB) is set to host a high-level delegation from the Principality of Monaco, led by Frédéric Genta, the Secretary of Attractiveness, Development and Digital at the Government of Monaco on a two-day visit to the Kingdom of Bahrain on April 24 and April 25, 2024.

This strategic visit aims to foster collaboration, exchange best practices, and explore potential cross-investment opportunities between the two nations.

During the visit, the Monaco delegation, which is composed of key government officials and influential C-suite executives from the business community, will engage in a series of high-level meetings with key counterparts and stakeholders from both the private and public sectors.

Designed to provide the visiting delegation with deeper insights into Bahrain’s economic landscape and investment potential, the curated meetings aim to facilitate meaningful discussions on potential areas of collaboration, with a focus on shared synergies namely financial
services, digital transformation, and tourism.

Both the Kingdom of Bahrain and the Principality of Monaco are renowned for their commitment to fostering digital innovation and creating business-friendly environments that encourage foreign investment. By promoting increased knowledge sharing of economic strengths and respective experiences, the two nations strive to build a solid foundation to pave the way for long-term cooperation and increased cross-investment.

Source: Bahrain News Agency