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Bee and Honey Promote Canton Fair and Yield Fruitful Outcomes

GUANGZHOU, China, May 6, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — With the successful conclusion of the 131st Canton Fair on April 24, the “Discover Canton Fair with Bee and Honey” activities ended with fruitful outcomes. Livestreamed on Canton Fair’s official Facebook account, the events attracted about 1.4 million followers and potential buyers worldwide and boosted supplier and buyer matchmaking.

Khashing Cai from the Philippines is a first-time buyer to the Fair. He found the livestreams fascinating since they enabled immersive interaction with Chinese high-quality exhibitors despite time and space constraints. After receiving a preview, Shariful Islam Rasel, a Bangladeshi buyer, watched the first livestream. Shortly after the webcast began, a compact, multi-functional smart watch presented by Guangzhou Havit Technology Co., Ltd. piqued his interest, so he made a quick inquiry and connected with the company online.

He stayed tuned for the following events and talked with Zhuhai Gotech Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. about their coffee machines.

Feng Chengcheng from the Canton Fair told reporters that to satisfy the needs of buyers, they settled on eight topics that buyers were keen about, like “Technology Empowers Smart Home” and “Green Travel Brings Low-Carbon Life”. Right after all event themes were determined, they began screening participating exhibitors. Round after round of comparison and evaluation were conducted, covering companies from specialized and sophisticated SMEs to outstanding manufacturers of specific products, from national high-tech companies to time-honored Chinese brands. Finally, the livestreams were joined by 31 competitive enterprises with extensive export expertise and attractive, high-quality products, and a national foreign trade transformation and upgrading base. The livestream team discussed with each of the chosen exhibitors to decide on the exhibits and elaborate the promotion process, aiming to demonstrate the charm of intelligent manufacturing in China and the strength of Chinese companies.

Alan Liu, Deputy Director General of the Foreign Affairs Office of the Canton Fair, said that the Fair would continue to work hard to deliver more concrete outcomes for supplier and buyer matchmaking. To that end, the Fair will continue to innovate and upgrade the “Discover Canton Fair with Bee and Honey” activities by adding new presentation formats and contents to highlight Chinese specialized and sophisticated enterprises, so as to promote online exchanges between buyers and suppliers, better serve the dual circulation of domestic and overseas markets, and help advance the high-level opening-up of China.

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