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Cabinet hails successes of textile development sector

The state is exerting strenuous efforts to restore the textile industry in Egypt to its previous high-quality rate as one of the pillars of the country’s economy, said Cabinet media center Sunday.

In a report, the center said such efforts depend on paying attention to improving the quality of cotton and providing appropriate environment for cotton growers to encourage them to increase the production.

The report shed light on the direct successes of efforts aimed at developing the spinning and weaving industry, citing a report issued in 2020 by Fitch Ratings Inc., an American credit rating agency, that there is a big chance to increase textile and clothes production in Egypt and another report issued in 2020 by UNIDO, United Nation Industrial Development Organization, that the textile industry is an important element for Egyptian economy.

It also pointed out to a report issued in 2023 by the US Department of Agriculture and another report the Monitor in 2022 that Egypt achieved successes in the textile indu
stry and its exports.

Source: State Information Service Egypt