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Cosmonautics Museum in Moscow Holds Exhibition of Its Most Prominent Holdings

The Museum of Cosmonautics in Moscow will organize on April 7 an exhibition that includes its most prominent collections and rare pieces regarding the history of space and space exploration.

The exhibition will feature more than 450 rare objects out of nearly 12,000 that have entered the museum since 2017, including samples of space technologies, tools and special items useable outside the planet, unique documents and photographs on the history of astronautics, and documents and personal items of the people associated with the history of space exploration.

Also, the exhibition will showcase a Soviet-era historical magazine, which captures the unofficial history of the creation of a spacecraft dedicated to the exploration of the planets of the solar system and manned flights to the moon and Mars.

Visitors to the exhibition will witness the inventions of the Lunar and Venus exploration program, get acquainted with the work of space engineer Galina Balashova, see the special equipment and clothes of astronauts, get acquainted closely with the equipment and large spacecraft, and see some Soviet documents on space.

Source: Qatar News Agency