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Elevatus’ AI Technology is Creating Huge Momentum in the KSA Market

LONDON, Aug. 23, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Saudi Arabia’s Vision 2030 spells out the Kingdom’s intention to become the global leader in Artificial Intelligence, by placing it at the heart of the country’s growth and development. With AI being at the center of this endeavor, Saudi Arabia plans to diversify and grow its economy by creating dynamic job opportunities through innovation and AI technologies. By taking radical steps in designing and building localized AI solutions, Elevatus has taken massive strides to support Vision 2030 with its leading-edge and transformative technology.

Elevatus’ AI technology is creating huge momentum in the KSA market by supporting Vision 2030 with its advanced AI solutions.

In line with Vision 2030, Elevatus aims to increase work efficiency through AI and emerging technologies that seamlessly automate HR processes in today’s hiring space. Key players and leading organizations in the Kingdom such as Al Habib Medical Group, Middle East Propulsion Company and more, have achieved significant business growth and efficiency with Elevatus’ advanced AI solutions.

The tech provider aims to harness Vision 2030, as announced by Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman, and expand its operations in the KSA market. Given that Saudi Arabia aims to create new opportunities for its people with its crisp new vision, Elevatus aligns with this endeavor, by supporting the overall economic and social development of the Kingdom. This is done by providing organizations with AI and automated solutions to help them digitally transform their work processes and hire top performers at scale. With Elevatus’ AI hiring technologies, organizations can lucratively reduce their hiring costs by up to 96% and reduce their time to hire by an impeccable 80%.

Elevatus is integrated with top tier technology providers such as SAP, Oracle, Zoom, Google Meet, Slack, DocuSign, and over 10,000 job boards including LinkedIn, Glassdoor, and Indeed. Through these integrations, organizations who adopt Elevatus can centralize their processes under one unified umbrella, and digitally transform their work processes.

Elevatus also aims to bring robust and localized AI technology that is tailored to the needs of the KSA market and supports the Arabic language. This will successfully lead to the achievement of Vision 2030, since the technology can drive more job opportunities and help in building a better and more skillful workplace for KSA-based organizations. In addition, the tech provider is building a powerful network of local partners to accelerate its expansion plan by promoting innovation in the country through value-added resellers and fruitful partnerships.

The Senior Manager of HR, Ali Alzahrani, at the Middle East Propulsion Company (MEPC) shares: “Our partnership with Elevatus has played a monumental role in strengthening our innovative capabilities, in preparation for Vision 2030. The AI technology has been a major driver in evolving our work processes, helping us operate at a much faster rate, and significantly enhancing the way we work. Together with Elevatus, we feel well prepared for the future that lies ahead, which is surely supporting us in realizing and achieving our Kingdom’s vision with ease.”

Elevatus has established a renowned and profound presence in the KSA market with its agile, innovative, and modern AI technology. Companies in the KSA are relying on Elevatus’ solutions to fulfill and successfully meet Vision 2030 by implementing and leveraging the power of AI, data science, and machine learning.

Yacoub Zureikat, Co-Founder of Elevatus claims “The future of AI is changing the world, and it’s the fuel of the 21st century. This is why we aim to add great momentum to the Kingdom’s vision roadmap with our AI technology. We see the KSA market as one of our biggest opportunities to expand. Through our AI solutions, we thrive to help businesses in the KSA decrease time spent on arduous and repetitive tasks. Which in turn, will significantly increase their productivity, capacity for innovation and creativity, and prepare them for the glorious Vision 2030.”

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