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Euro-Med: Al-Shifa Hospital records one of the largest massacres in Palestinian history

Jerusalem – Ma’an – The Euro-Mediterranean Human Rights Monitor expressed its extreme shock at the horror of the massacre committed by the Israeli army in the Al-Shifa Medical Complex and its surroundings in Gaza City over the course of two weeks of carrying out a large-scale military operation that included committing horrific massacres and crimes against everyone present there.

The Euro-Mediterranean Observatory indicated that the actual size and dimensions of the massacre have not yet been fully revealed, pointing out that its initial estimates indicate that more than 1,500 Palestinians are injured or missing, half of them women and children, as a result of the Israeli massacre in the Shifa Medical Complex and its surroundings, based on the testimonies received to it. And his observations, as there are hundreds of bodies inside the complex and in the surrounding area, including burned bodies and others with their heads and limbs cut off.

The Euro-Med Monitor explained that among the victims of the massac
re were at least more than 22 patients who were killed on hospital beds as a result of the Israeli siege of the complex and the deliberate deprivation of them of medical care, food, and food, pointing out that the army deliberately, throughout the period of its military operations, obstructed the access of relief teams and representatives of international organizations to the complex.

The Euro-Med Monitor said that the Shifa Complex is now completely out of service, after the Israeli army destroyed all its buildings by bombing and burning, including the mortuary, and its internal and external courtyards and corridors.

Euro-Med called on the international community to intervene immediately and seriously to protect Palestinian civilians from the crime of genocide that Israel has been committing in the Gaza Strip for 6 months, including protecting the sick, wounded, displaced, medical teams, and journalists.

Source: Maan News Agency