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Executive Program for Integrity in Sports proves a huge success

Doha- The sessions of the Executive Program for Integrity in Sports organized by the Administrative Control and Transparency Authority, in cooperation with the International Center for Sports Security continued for the second day on Monday.


In his message on the second day of the program, Sheikh Ahmad bin Nooh Al-Thani, Director of Legal Affairs Department at the Qatar Olympic Committee underlined the importance of sport in the state of Qatar and said “Sport for us here in the State of Qatar is a spirit that unites the people, and its protection requires extensive support to confront unethical practices that must be encountered with deterrence, firmness and strict measures.”


“From this standpoint, the Qatar Olympic Committee was keen to comply with all international requirements and standards, whether issued by the International Olympic Committee in the first place or other international organizations, particularly the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime, due to the long-term partnership between both organizations, by reflecting those requirements and standards for the Qatar Olympic Committee’s rules, regulations and policies, including, Sports Code of Ethics Project: which was drafted with specialized provisions that meet all requirements and standards for sports integrity” He added.


Sheikh Ahmad bin Nooh Al-AThani also stressed that the Qatar Olympic Committee paid great attention and full belief in the necessity of the governance of sports institutions to ensure integrity and transparency in sports management and to unify national efforts to harmonize national legislation, establish policies, raise awareness, and build capacity in relation to the protection of sport from corruption.


The program, held by the Administrative Control and Transparency Authority in cooperation with the International Center for Sports Security, focuses on providing knowledge of the different types of threats to sports integrity with a focus on sports corruption, in addition to developing an understanding of how national public authorities and international bodies deal with integrity violations in the field of sports. As well as developing knowledge of good practices and advanced standards in addressing different types of integrity violations, as well as developing knowledge and competencies in the field of information exchange and exposing the risks of sports corruption, as well as identifying potential actions to address integrity violations and adding value to the work of other stakeholders within the sports system.


Source: Qatar Olympic Committee