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Four MoUs on bilateral cooperation inked at 12th session of joint Iraqi-Syrian committee

Baghdad, Four memorandums of understanding in many areas of bilateral cooperation between Syria and Iraq were reached at the 12th session of the joint Iraqi-Syrian committee.

During the meetings of the committee, a memorandum of understanding was signed in the field of communications between the two Ministries of Communications in Syria and Iraq, in addition to a MoU between the Ministry of Social Affairs and Labor in Syria and its Iraqi counterpart.

Furthermore, another MoU in the field of public works and housing was inked between the Ministry of Public Works and Housing in Syria and the Ministry of Construction, Housing and Public Municipalities in Iraq, along with reaching another in the field of industrial property protection between the Ministry of Planning (the Central Organization for Standardization and Quality Control) in Iraq and the Ministry of Internal Trade and Consumer Protection in Syria.

A supplementary protocol on the scientific and technical cooperation in the fields of specifications an
d standards, quality control and granting certificates of conformity was also signed between the Central Organization for Standardization and Quality Control in Iraq and the Standards and Metrology Organization in Syria for the years 2024-2026.

In a press conference, Minister of Economy and Foreign Trade, Mohamad Samer al-Khalil, stressed with Iraqi Minister of Trade, Atheer al-Ghurairi, Syria’s keenness to promote bilateral cooperation to highest levels.

The two sides worked to overcome obstacles to facilitate the flow of products, especially in the field of industry, agriculture and trade, al-Khalil added, hoping to achieve further cooperation, and to utilize what has been implemented and evaluate the cooperation documents that have been signed to reach a better level in the interest of both sides.

Meeting with Iraqi News Agency, INA, al-Khalil said that there is a fundamental interest in investing in the Iraqi market, both export and import, in light of the permanent communication between businessmen be
tween the two countries to provide products cheaper and faster without harming local products.

Minister al-Ghurairi, in turn, confirmed that it was agreed to overcome all obstacles by opening commercial centers in Syria and Iraq and expanding participation in international and specialized exhibitions, along with urging Iraqi and Syrian investors to establish economic development projects in all fields.

On Tuesday, the work of the 12th session of Joint Syrian-Iraqi Committee began in Baghdad, headed by al-Khalil and Ghurairi.

Source: Syrian Arab News Agency