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GAC MOTOR Brand Values | Quality, Durability, Reliability, and Connection

GUANGZHOU, China, July 23, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Aside from the two GAC MOTOR core brand values examined in previous articles: craftsmanship and technological innovation, a third concept at the core of the GAC MOTOR brand is “QDR”, or “quality, durability, reliability”.

Intelligent robots to manufacture high-quality cars

Quality: Cutting Edge Tech, Superior Materials

Since its inception, GAC MOTOR has been committed to building cars of the highest quality.

As of 2020, the GAC Group has applied for over 8000 patents and taken part in hundreds of science and technology projects.  This emphasis on research means that GAC MOTOR vehicle technology is some of the highest quality technology in the industry: MegaWave Power engine technology, superfast battery charging, and other innovations like the G-Health cabin project, which integrates environment-friendly materials into interior design.

Materials are also of superior standards: from Harmon-Kardon surround sound speaker systems, to air conditioners from the same suppliers used by Toyota and Honda, GAC MOTOR cuts no corners. This is reflected in well-earned accolades for GAC MOTOR models: for example, the GS8 was awarded a 5-star safety rating in the China-New Car Assessment Program (C-NCAP) crash test, outperforming many counterparts with a score of 57.7.

Durability, Reliability: A Brand You Can Trust

GAC MOTOR strives to be a brand that car owners can rely on for long distances and challenging terrains. All new models go through 4 million km of durability testing, facing extreme conditions down to -40 degrees Celsius as well as desert and mountain terrain to ensure that it can perform in any environment owners wish to explore.

GAC MOTOR’s brand message, at its core, represents a commitment to providing customers with strong, long-lasting, reliable vehicles.


The final pillar of the GAC MOTOR brand value system is the connection built both with customers and with distribution partners across the world.

Connection means trust. A trust connection is built when global customers have faith in the quality of GAC MOTOR products and services, and when distributors have access to fantastic products to provide to their respective markets.

With a strong connection in place between headquarters and distributors, and between the brand and consumers, great things can be achieved. GAC MOTOR looks forward to a new era of more united, more advanced, and more exciting mobile life for customers across the world.

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