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Galloping over barriers: ADIHEX turning into powerhouse in advancing equestrian activities for all

Abu Dhabi International Hunting and Equestrian Exhibition (ADIHEX) organizers said that ADIHEX 2023 will have a larger participation of regional and international companies specialized in the manufacturing of horse-riding equipment.

The annual event will also include “distinguished activities and features that will attract horse lovers of all age groups.”

About 60 prominent companies and brands in the world of horses participated in ADIHEX 2022 and showcased their latest products such as boxes, horseshoes, trailers, saddles, halters, horse bridles, nutritional supplements and fodder for horses, riding apparel, shoes, gloves

Several horse racing clubs, training centers, schools for teaching equestrian skills, stables, and a group of the most skilled Emirati and international riders also participated in last year’s edition.

According to organizers, horses have played an important role throughout human history all over the world, and equestrian is one of the oldest and most beautiful sports known to man.

“It is an essential sector in the UAE since the establishment of ADIHEX in 2003, which reflects a translation of the efforts to preserve heritage sports and ancient traditions, and to introduce people to the importance of purebred Arabian horses,” they said.

“The people of the UAE have been known for centuries to care about horses as important elements of their connection with Arab values. Over the ages, this interest has evolved to be linked to national identity.”

According to the Emirates Arabian Horse Society, more than 20,300 Arabian horses owned by about 4,000 people are registered in the UAE.

At ADIHEX 2022, Emirati rider Amna Al Jasmi presented a role model of the Emirati woman in spreading equestrian sports, amazing the visitors with an impressive performance of archery with a bow and arrow on horseback.

Source: Bahrain News Agency