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GWM TANK300 Arrives First Stop in the Middle East Market, Attracting a Wave of Positive Comments

BAODING, China, July 26, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Recently, the GWM TANK300 has attracted many positive comments with its first official launch in the Middle East market.

GWM TANK300 Arrives First Stop in the Middle East Market, Attracting a Wave of Positive Comments

At the launch event, many guests made positive comments. MARYAM, a blogger with millions of followers, had followed the GWM TANK300 on social media. She said, “I really like it, and it looks very powerful.”

Mr. Faisal AI Quraishi, a senior representative of the local dealership, also said that through releasing TANK, they had raised the market expectations for GWM and were confident that it would not disappoint the market.

The vehicle has won great recognition from many local media with its rugged and trendy exterior, excellent off-road driving performance and luxurious interior design on the website.

MOTORY, a Saudi specialized automotive website, appreciated the exterior of TANK300. It commented,”the GWM TANK300 boasts a unique and attractive design. It has a bold, powerful and classic square look, and has advanced many distinctive features that make it suitable for a variety of exciting adventures.”

“The vehicle is expected to gain widespread popularity in Saudi Arabia, ” MOTORY commented.

Based on a high-performance engine and a host of specialist off-road devices, the vehicle got a lot of positive comments.

Maalomsta, a well-known automotive review website in the Middle East, commented, “the GWM TANK300 shows strong performance when it is travelling on unpaved and rugged roads. It has excellent off-road capabilities and is one of the most competitive cars of its class in terms of performance and driving pleasure.”

Additionally, the interior design boosted its media recognition. Maalomsta commented, “the elegant interior design of the GWM TANK300 can make it an attractive option for the desert lifestyle.”

After the vehicle launching news posted on social media platforms, many netizens in the multiple markets left comments expressing their expectations for the vehicle.

South Chris Pentastar, an Australian TANK300 follower, said, “I can’t wait for it to come to Australia! I want one.”

Kaleem Awan, a netizen from Pakistan, also said, “please launch in Pakistan as well.”

Justin Fisher was very interested in the car’s performance and price. He said, “how many seats, what’s the towing capacity and price in Australia?”

Actually, after GWM TANK300 was launched in the Chinese market in 2020, it attracted a lot of popularity and attention. XCAR, China’s leading automotive media, commented after a test drive, “the GWM TANK300 is fit for both the hard off-road and luxurious and comfortable experience, which makes a very nice beginning for GWM to enter the luxury off-road vehicle market.”

Now, the model will soon be available in other countries in the Middle East market, such as Bahrain and Kuwait. In the near future, the vehicle will be launched in other countries to live up to the expectations of more buyers.

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