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GWM Unveils Its New Cars at IAA Mobility 2021 to Seize the New Energy Market in Europe with First-mover Advantage

BAODING, China, Sept. 9, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — On September 6, IAA Mobility 2021 officially opened in Munich. GWM unveiled its high-end SUV brand WEY and new energy vehicle brand ORA.

GWM Unveils Its New Cars at IAA Mobility 2021 to Seize the New Energy Market in Europe with First-mover Advantage

In response to the theme “The Mobile Road to Carbon Neutrality” of this auto show, GWM exhibited its new energy models such as WEY Coffee 01 PHEV and ORA 01CAT. WEY’s global strategy model Coffee 01 PHEV redefines European smart cars with its unique long range, smart driving and smart cockpit; ORA 01CAT is a perfect combination of classic retro aesthetics and futuristic technology, which will bring unprecedented product experience to European users. Together, the two models will help GWM explore the new energy vehicle market in Europe. In fact, electrification, carbon neutrality, and sustainability have become the main trends of the development of the global auto market in the future, and GWM has already seen the opportunities and made arrangements in advance. Not long ago, the first cobalt-free battery developed by SVOLT, a company affiliated to GWM, has been mass-produced and loaded into vehicles, breaking the dependence of automotive power batteries on cobalt and solving the worldwide problem that cobalt resources are not renewable. An A+ pure electric SUV under the ORA brand is first equipped with the cobalt-free battery and achieve its mass production. This SUV model has a range of more than 600 km under normal operating conditions, while maintaining the advantage of strong performance, and can achieve 100 km of acceleration in 5 seconds. Moreover, its waterproof performance reaches IP67 and has high energy retention and fast heating at low temperature.

GWM has always been adhering to the concept of “Massive Investment” in R&D in the field of new energy. GWM has invested more than RMB 500 million in the R&D of cobalt-free lithium batteries. More than 1,200 R&D personnel and 120 materials and battery experts have conducted more than 200 pilot tests and more than 3,000 electrical performance verifications and finally removed the cobalt element in the anode material, achieving the application of cobalt-free batteries. In the next five years, GWM will investment RMB 100 billion in R&D in the fields of new energy and intelligence to create safer, greener, smarter products for users around the world.

Experts of the industry viewed that GWM’s cobalt-free battery has broken the technological monopoly of European countries, the United States, Japan and South Korea with its basic original innovation, and created a cobalt-free era in the field of new energy. In the future, following the global trend of new energy, GWM will continue to increase investment in technology R&D in the field of new energy, continue to innovate and make through, and take the lead in the new energy track with sufficient strength and confidence.

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