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Highlights of the 5th GIS Software Technology Conference

BEIJING, July 13, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — The curtain falls on the 5th GIS Software Technology Conference (GTC 2022), a global GIS event co-organized by FIG, SaudiGS, CLAERIA,ASPG and SuperMap, and designed to share the latest developments in GIS software, and exchange the best practices in GIS applications. From July 6-8, experts, officials, enterprises, and university representatives from nearly 130 countries came together at GTC 2022 to learn the latest SuperMap GIS technologies, discuss innovative applications of GIS, and explore the future trends of the GIS industry.

Apart from the plenary conference in China, GTC 2022 consists of six in-person sessions in Indonesia, Botswana, Thailand, Senegal, The Philippines, and Peru and four multi-language virtual plenary sessions in English, French, Spanish, and Japanese.

The French Plenary Conference witnessed a lively discussion about smart cities, urban planning, rural land management, and the latest 3D GIS technology. Mr. Yankhoba DIATARA, Minister of the Ministry of Digital Economy and Telecommunication of Senegal delivered a warm opening speech. The English Plenary Conference welcomed more than 2,000 attendees from Kenya, Ethiopia, Mexico, Australia, Germany, Greece, India, etc.

The Onsite Session in Botswana was co-organized by GeoSmart and SuperMap. Mr. Oduetse Tautona, His Worship Deputy Mayor, Gaborone City Council gave opening comments at the event. Mr. Cavin Boy Rowayi, Director of Geosmart shared insights on the overview of GIS in Botswana. Experts from the University of Botswana, Botswana Geoscience Institute, and well-known local firms gave enlightening presentations on GIS applications in mining, drones, urban mapping, etc.

SuperMap partnered with the Senegal Association of Geomatic Professionals (ASPG) to bring the Onsite Session in Senegal. The Ministry of Digital Economy and Telecommunication, The Ministry of High Education, Research and Innovation, and member enterprises of ASPG shared ideas on cadastral management, municipal management, and business development of geospatial companies.

It is the first year that GTC in-person sessions are held in Africa. Africa is a growing GIS market as the digitalization upgrade is spreading across the continent. The value of GIS technology represented by 3D GIS, AI GIS, and Big Data GIS are highlighted in urban management, agriculture, disaster management, etc. SuperMap GIS, as one of the world-leading GIS technology systems, is committed to groundbreaking works in this field and innovative applications to various industries.