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ICCPP Ushers “Powder-free” Atomization Technology with Next-Generation GENE TREE Ceramic Cores

SHENZHEN, China, Sept. 17, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — ICCPP, a global atomization company, has unveiled its first-ever ceramic core technology brand GENE TREE at the 2021 Nano-tech Ceramic Core Global Online Launch Conference on September 16. The release of GENE TREE marks a revolution in electric atomization R&D while also introducing a new generation of ceramic core products into the industry.

2021 Nano-tech Ceramic Core Global Online Launch

Themed “The Future of the Core”, the conference emphasized the continued development and innovations of electronic atomization technology, as well as demonstrating ICCPP’s determination to shape the future of the industry. Its new GENE TREE nano-tech ceramic core products promise to improve the efficiency and stability of atomization and increase product lifespan.

“GENE TREE is the culmination of countless hours of R&D and almost a decade of experience in electric atomization technology. We are thrilled to launch our breakthrough research achievement with the international community and usher in the future of ceramic cores,” said ICCPP CEO EVEREST Zhao.

ICCPP has established a 300-strong R&D team. GENE TREE nano-tech ceramic core products were realized by this team after over 1,000 days spent on repeating technical explorations and scientific experiments and tens of thousands of hours spent refining one thousand sets of ceramic core material formulations. In addition, the R&D team overcame a series of technical production challenges to ensure mass-produced ceramic cores were at a world-class level in terms of resistance consistency and appearance.

GENE TREE Ceramic Cores

GENE TREE Ceramic Cores

With the “powder-free” concept, GENE TREE products harness raw materials made from new environmentally-friendly mineral materials, which migrate and diffuse into the three-dimensional network ceramic skeleton at a high temperature. Following this, the grain micro-structure is rebuilt and the multi-phase co-existence structure improves the ceramic toughness. Meanwhile, dispersion is distributed in the three-dimensional ceramic skeleton to form a lipophilic matrix layer, which can improve the lipophilicity and oil storage of porous ceramic. Atomization tests have demonstrated that the temperature of the ceramic heating surface and atomization remains stable between four to 11 watts.

Unlike other products, GENE TREE’s safe operation power range can also be raised from 8 watts to 11 watts to fully meet the requirements of different products. The heating film remains stable in temperature and the GENE TREE supports continuous atomization for 4000 seconds — increasing its lifespan by five times compared with other mainstream products.

As ICCPP’s first ceramic core product, GENE TREE has garnered widespread attention from the industry since its launch. With plans to ramp up production capacity and sales for B2B clients, GENE TREE has established itself as a key player straight out of the gate, as well as the leader in electric atomization technology.


ICCPP is a global technology group with nearly a decade of experience in technology research and development, product design, manufacturing, brand building and other fields. Its products and services are distributed in more than 70 countries and regions, with approximately 30 million users.

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