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Interior Ministry’s directorates deal with rain-related cases

Manama, Based on the follow-up and general safety instructions of Interior Minister and Chairman of the Civil Defence Council, General Shaikh Rashid bin Abdullah Al Khalifa, the competent Interior Ministry’s directorates have dealt with heavy rain implications.

The Operations Directorate, in coordination with the police directorates of the four governorates, the General Directorate of Traffic and the General Directorate of Civil Defence, has taken onsite procedures to help citizens and residents deal with rain-related cases, including rainwater gathering areas.

The traffic patrols dealt with various cases, including 43 accidents with minor damages, pulling broken down vehicles and regulating traffic on main roads and intersections. They were also involved in traffic diversions and monitoring traffic flow.

The civil defence dealt with various cases, including 50 cases related to falling trees, lampposts, shades and short circuits. The rainwater was pumped out in cooperation with the Ministry of Municipalities Affairs and Agriculture and the Ministry of Works. Meanwhile, the Coast Guard called upon seafarers to be cautious and follow instructions. The General Directorate of Media and Security Culture carried out its awareness role through the Police Media Centre website and social media to urge the public to be cautious and follow rain-related instructions.

Source: Bahrain News Agency