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Investae has been included in the World Finance 100 list by the British magazine ‘World Finance’

MOSCOW, Dec. 21, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Investae received the World Finance 100 Award in 2021 and has been praised for both its accomplishments and outstanding innovation by the British financial magazine ‘World Finance’.

Investae is a fintech, which prides itself on serving clients in over 30 countries. The company provides solutions for investment firms, bond issuers, wealth managers, private bankers, as well as alternative investment fund managers, and is designed to simplify the often-complex capital-raising process.

“We are truly honored to be featured in the World Finance 100 list. In the world of finance, simplicity and investors knowledge are the key issues. We are dedicated to achieving the highest performance in the industry” – Managing Director of Investae, Gerald Autier.

The financial world is changing rapidly and undergoing a digital revolution. Undoubtedly, it is becoming increasingly difficult for anyone looking to raise capital to stand out in such an overcrowded marketplace. Nowadays, approaching investors requires a soft-skilled and informative approach, instead of simply soliciting. Similarly, financial professionals need an effortless, smooth-running, and time-saving sales process. We strongly believe that raising capital from investors requires a more sophisticated marketing approach, which utilizes all the benefits that our diverse digital tools bring to the field. The sell-side of the investment industry has been left behind by asset managers, who often use approaches that are very similar to one another but are lacking in efficiency.

Our aim is to simplify the distribution of financial instruments; We innovate by striving to simplify each step of the capital-raising process as much as physically possible, allowing investment managers to focus on what they do best: managing money. We offer a unique solution in the market, providing our clients with guidance, sales and marketing tools, ongoing support, and a continual improvement of results.

The World Finance 100 celebrates those who have reached the pinnacle of achievement across a wide variety of expert fields, as well as those organizations and individuals that lead the way in driving their industries forward. Each year, World Finance compiles the list of 100 individuals and companies – not according to capitalization figures or growth – but purely based on excellence in their field.