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IP Technology Labs Awarded Patent Providing Controllerless Load-Balancing for Reliable, Resilient, & Secure Connectivity

The invention provides for a controllerless, stateless, and scaleable implementation to efficiently distribute network traffic to one or more server resource pools. By placing the connection intelligence at the endpoint, the application can make the best network connection decision continuously without the performance or security limitations of traditional load balancers.

BALTIMORE, Oct. 19, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — IP Technology Labs®, the American manufacturer of secure endpoint IT/OT connectivity and reliable remote access solutions, today announced that the United States Patent and Trademark Office issued US Patent #11,477,276 covering network reliability without using a controller or load balancer. The innovative technology allows the deployment of scaleable and redundant networks without the cost, complexities, or limitations of traditional redundant networking options.

“Reliable & resilient connectivity is a network imperative and a cybersecurity issue,” said Scott Whittle, President of IP Technology Labs. “Devices and applications expect to connect resources anytime, anywhere, and over any infrastructure. Putting intelligence at the endpoint, where it belongs, IpTL can distribute network traffic to any resource without using load-balancers or controllers. Now, critical infrastructure can communicate securely to a scaleable and distributed infrastructure while lowering costs, increasing performance, and assuring security end-to-end.”

Traditional load balancers operate ahead of network resources and thus are a performance and security vulnerability point. Additionally, algorithms used to distribute traffic are limited and focus only on the server. Unlike other scaleability and pooling solutions today, the invention puts intelligence in the endpoint and enables the remote application or device to make the best decision on what resources to connect to.

The patent covers techniques for scalable automated and stateless network connections without using a controller. By distributing network resource information, including resource selection metadata such as uptime, load, and security preference, any remote device or application can pick the best resource to connect to.

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IP Technology Labs, LLC. is an American designer and manufacturer of cybersecurity and remote access networking appliances headquartered in Baltimore, Maryland, USA. We develop and market endpoint security solutions for fixed-application devices that eliminate network threats from spoofing, snooping, and backdoors and increase reliability and cost savings for remote access connectivity. Our patented technologies enable IoT, OT, and IT end-to-end networking with cybersecurity for easy, seamless, stable, and secure operation on any network.