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Iranian President: Syrian-Iranian Relations are strategic

Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi described his country’s relations with Syria as “strategic and deep”, stressing that his visit to Syria comes in the framework of consolidating these relations and developing them in all domains.

In an interview with al-Mayadeen TV. Channel on Tuesday, President Raisi expressed his country’s readiness to cooperate with Syria in regard with the rebuilding process, noting that “this process should start quickly, and the displaced return to their homeland and the conditions return to normal state.”

The Iranian President pointed out that his country has supported Syria, since the beginning of the war against it, in facing the Takfirists and the terrorists, asserting that “the Americans and the Zionists have pinned much hopes that Syria will collapse and that they will break the front line of the resistance.”

The Iranian President welcomed the return of Syria’s relations with the rest of the countries of the region, calling for the departure of the US forces illegitimately existing in the Syrian territories immediately.

Source: Syrian Arab News Agency