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“Iran’s Foreign Policy” symposium held by former Iranian Foreign Minister Kharrazi, Damascus

In presence of a number of ambassadors and political, cultural and religious figures, the Diplomatic Institute at the Foreign and Expatriates Ministry have held a political symposium at al-Assad National Library in Damascus by Head of the Council of Foreign Relations and former Iranian Foreign Minister, Kamal Kharrazi entitled “Iranian Foreign Policy”.

“The reason behind US continuous and successive failure is its lack of knowledge of the Middle East and its cultural heritage along with its underestimation of peoples’ ability to resist.” Dr. Kamal Kharrazi said.

Iran considers the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to be an important country in the region and influential in the Islamic world, Kharrazi noted, adding that neither Iran nor Saudi Arabia can exclude each other.

The joint Iranian-Syrian experience shows that the most significant component of power in our world is the ability to resist in front of the scheme of global hegemony and to confront the policies of the arrogant and greedy practiced by world powers, Kharrazi stressed.

Kharrazi affirmed the deeply-rooted relations binding the Syrian and Iranian peoples, hailing their fight against terrorism and foreign aggression.

He called on the Western countries to respect Syria’s sovereignty and territorial integrity. Moreover, he urged the withdrawal of all foreign troops from Syria, asserting that Iran will constantly support Syria.

Concerning Lebanon, Kharrazi stated that Iran calls on all the political parties to swiftly form an effective government in Lebanon.

With regard to Yemen, Kharrazi underlined Iran’s willingness, since the outbreak of the crisis there, to assist in implementing a ceasefire, breaking the siege, preparing for dialogue among Yemenis and eventually forming the government.

Director of the Institute, Dr. Imad Mustafa said that the joint meeting point between Syria and Iran is to support Palestine and stand by it.

Source: Syria Arab News Agency