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KAHRAMAA, Ooredoo Sign Agreement for Smart Water Network Infrastructure

The Qatar General Electricity and Water Corporation (KAHRAMAA) has embarked on a partnership with Ooredoo. This collaboration paves the way for the establishment of cutting-edge water network infrastructure, along with the implementation of associated services a first-of-its-kind initiative in Qatar. This ambitious endeavor boasts a staggering investment of QR 75,548,400.00 million over a span of ten years, positioning it as a formidable force poised to reshape and revolutionize the Qatari water sector.

With the signing of this contract, a comprehensive communications network will be deployed to facilitate smart meter functionality for water services under the supervision of KAHRAMAA. This robust network will furnish KAHRAMAA with vital data encompassing diverse aspects such as billing, water network enhancement, loss collection, and other critical information at the management and control levels. This strategic undertaking aligns seamlessly with the Corporation’s endeavor to modernize the water network infrastructure across different regions of the country. The goal is to transform it into an intelligent network that stays abreast of the latest global technological advancements in this field.

The signing ceremony of the agreement between the two parties unfolded at the headquarters of KAHRAMAA. The prestigious event was attended by HE Eng. Essa bin Hilal Al-Kuwari, the President of the Corporation, and HE Sheikh Ali bin Jabor Al-Than, the Chief Executive Officer of Ooredoo Qatar.

This pivotal development follows a succession of strategic initiatives spearheaded by KAHRAMAA, each designed to elevate the water sector’s infrastructure. With an unwavering commitment to enhancing distribution processes spanning from the source to customers, KAHRAMAA diligently addresses all sectors including the residential, industrial, commercial, and other crucial sectors within the country.

HE the President of KAHRAMAA expressed profound confidence in the transformative outcomes that will inevitably emanate from this partnership. Foreseeing a multitude of prospects on the horizon, this partnership holds big potential for advancing the water system of Qatar. Aligned with KAHRAMAA’s strategic plan, which revolves around the water network modernization and the enhancement of related facilities and services, the ultimate objective is to establish smart cities that fully embody the aspirations of the Qatari society.

Emphasizing the Corporation’s resolute strategic objective, His Excellency remarked, “Our paramount aim at KAHRAMAA is to foster a contemporary and seamlessly interconnected water sector. To that end, we embarked on a transformative journey years ago, leveraging cutting-edge technologies in network monitoring and management. This forward-thinking approach empowers us to responsibly and sustainably manage Qatar’s precious water resources, ensuring heightened efficiency, reliability, and overall comprehensive distribution across all regions of the country. Moreover, it equips us to adeptly address any unforeseen incidents with utmost promptness and efficacy.” HE Sheikh Ali Bin Jabor Al-Thani, the Chief Executive Officer of Ooredoo Qatar, said, “Today marks a significant step in our ongoing journey of leveraging technology for the betterment of Qatar. Our alliance with KAHRAMAA underscores Ooredoo’s commitment to not only providing world-class telecommunications services but also to playing a pivotal role in the nation’s infrastructural advancements.” Eng. Amal Rashid Al Mansoori, Manager of the Information Technology Department at KAHRAMAA, oversees the Corporation’s smart meter project.

Reflecting on the collaboration with Ooredoo for the water system’s smart meters, she stated, “This partnership is pivotal, strengthening our Corporation’s capacity and enhancing oversight of the water network.” She further commented, “Following KAHRAMAA’s significant achievements with the smart electrical grid, transitioning from traditional meters to digital ones that offer precise, real-time readings across the network, we are eager to extend these advancements to our water distribution system. KAHRAMAA remains committed to delivering top-tier services in Qatar’s electricity and water sectors. Our standards, aligned with the best international practices, reaffirm this dedication.” It is of significant importance to highlight that KAHRAMAA embarked on the construction of the smart meter system and the establishment of the requisite network infrastructure in the State of Qatar almost three years ago. This project stands as a remarkable milestone in the ongoing process of digital transformation that the country is diligently undertaking, in alignment with the overarching objectives of the QNV 2030 for progressive development. Leveraging the latest cutting-edge technologies and devices, smart control systems, billing mechanisms, real-time monitoring, and remote reading systems are seamlessly interconnected. This convergence empowers KAHRAMAA to achieve an elevated level of advanced management for both the water network and electrical grid under its purview. Prepare to witness a shift as Qatar surges forward, leveraging innovation and technology to pave the way for a brighter and more sustainable future.

Source: Qatar News Agency