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Kingdom Unveils Commemorative Postage Stamp for Saudi Ardah

Riyadh: The Saudi Post Corporation (SPL), in collaboration with the Ministry of Culture, has issued a commemorative postage stamp featuring the Saudi Ardah dance. This newly released Ardah postage stamp serves as a representation of the nation’s vibrant cultural heritage, thereby reinforcing its national legacy.

The Saudi Ardah is a collective dance performed by men, symbolizing unity between the leadership and the people. It evokes enthusiasm and reflects an emotional bond, demonstrating love for the land and loyalty to the nation’s leaders. Characterized by joyful and energetic movements, the dance is accompanied by harmonious rhythmic unity. Elevated with prestige and solemnity, it incorporates the national flag and swords, creating a magnificent visual spectacle.

The SPL regularly issues postage stamps to commemorate significant national events, including religious, cultural, artistic, and sports occasions, as well as notable international events. Each stamp serves as a tribute to pivotal moments or imm
ortalizes prominent scenes from Saudi Arabia’s history. Consequently, it appeals not only to stamp collectors worldwide but also to historians interested in documenting history.

Source: Saudi Press Agency