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Labour Fund holds meetings with Tamkeen-supported enterprises

Manama, The Labour Fund “Tamkeen” announced the launch of a series of meetings with several enterprises who have received support through the recently launched programs.

These programs were designed to increase productivity and achieve positive impact in the local economy, in line with the national priorities and the economic recovery plan, while also addressing the current and potential market changes.

This initiative is a part of Tamkeen’s continuous efforts to communicate with the enterprises of all economic sectors and sizes (micro, small, medium and large) and to understand their future aspirations while also exploring how they can utilize Tamkeen’s support in a number of areas, including training, investment, and expansion in order to achieve growth and greater economic impact.

These meetings also aim to encourage business owners and entrepreneurs to identify new ideas and market opportunities, shedding light on the most important indicators and growth prospects in several sectors, while also focusing on the optimal utilization of support in order to reach their full potential and remain sustainable.

The attendees commended this initiative, which strengthens the relationship between Tamkeen and private sector enterprises.

They also praised the new strategic direction and programs, highlighting their optimism for the positive impact on enterprises of all sizes and sectors, which will ensure their increased contribution in the national economy.

“I’m very excited about Tamkeen’s strategic direction, especially because of how it focuses on digitalization and expansion. Our company has great aspirations in that space, and we’re looking forward to expanding and increasing our digitalization in the future. We applied to the Start Your Business program and were able to go through the application process with ease. I’m looking forward to growing with support from Tamkeen.”, said Maitham Mansoor, Company representative of Flexsell International W.L.L stated.

Grotta Bakery CEO Khalid Ali Salem expressed his gratitude to Team Tamkeen for initiating this meeting saying: “considering some recent economic and financial challenges facing entrepreneurs, Tamkeen plays a crucial role in facilitating growth and generating positive impact’.

“The meeting highlighted Tamkeen’s continuous efforts in enhancing their programs and offerings, particularly from the Chief Executive and Management, who were ready to accommodate our concerns and suggest solutions to some of these challenges”.

“The team at Tamkeen have expressed their readiness to continue to improve and update the programs and services offered to cater to changing market needs. This initiative helps build trust in its new strategic direction and will result in the prosperity and development of different sectors in the future.”

Founder of Petula Floristry Zainab Hassan Kadhem stated that Tamkeen is eager to provide high quality services to its customers which is reflected through the professionalism of its Customer Service Advisors, who should be thanked for all their efforts.

“Tamkeen plays a major role in empowering Bahraini businesses through its support programs, which will contribute to the growth and prosperity of the national economy.”, she said.

This meeting marks the first of a series planned by Tamkeen, with ongoing sessions scheduled with enterprises from different sectors to take place during the coming period.

Source: Bahrain News Agency