Maan Programme Director reviews cooperation with US Deputy Chief of Mission

Director of Crime Prevention and Maan (Together) Programme Against Violence and Addiction, Ali Ameeni, has reviewed with the US Embassy Deputy Chief of Mission, David Brownstein, methods to develop “Maan”.

He emphasised the depth of relations between the programme and the United States, especially cooperation with Drug Abuse Resistance Education, or DARE, as coordination was made with the University of North Carolina to prepare a field study on the curricula of peaceful coexistence and combating extremism, which was prepared and implemented by specialists.

He reviewed the most prominent achievements of the programme at the local and international levels and the endeavour to protect young people through effective programmes and advanced approaches that keep pace with the global challenges societies face. Maan is the first awareness campaign of its kind in the region, covering 93% of all schools in the Kingdom of Bahrain.

For his part, the US official praised cooperation between the programme and the US and the achievements of the programme, which reflect the high professionalism in police work that matches the developed countries in the security field.

Source: Bahrain News Agency

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