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Making Smarter Investments in an Uncertain Market: CoinEx Keeps Users Updated on Market Movements

HONG KONG, Feb. 10, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — The 2022 CRYPTO ANNUAL REPORT, jointly published by CoinEx and ViaBTC Capital, predicts that the two major cryptocurrencies, Bitcoin and Ethereum, will continue to struggle with uncertainties in 2023. According to the report, Bitcoin is expected to remain volatile, given the uncertain global economy and geopolitical climate. Meanwhile, Ethereum’s Shanghai Upgrade in Q2 2023 will allow stakers to withdraw their ETH staked in 2020. The selling pressure arising from those factors may impact the prices of both BTC and ETH in the short term.

Source: CoinEx

To make smarter investments in an unpredictable market, crypto users must keep track of market trends, make prompt investment decisions and adjust their strategies accordingly.

Global crypto users can stay informed of the latest market trends through CoinEx’s [Market] webpage. It should be noted that since the [Market] segment was rolled out, CoinEx has continued to upgrade its functionalities to improve the user experience while helping users capture market movements in real time.

The [Market] page covers the following sections:

I. Coin List

On Coin List, users can identify the target crypto according to their demands based on new categories including Holdings, Selected, and different tags, which offers a panoramic picture of the price movements and trading volume of the crypto.

II. New Listing

New Listing quickly familiarizes users with the new cryptos listed on CoinEx. The feature ranks cryptos in chronological order based on their listing time, briefing users on the latest performance of new cryptos. Meanwhile, users can also stay informed of the specific crypto categories, thus enjoying greater convenience when investing in different cryptos.

III. Markets Overview

The [Markets Overview] function collects real-time crypto rankings, trading tendencies, price changes, and historical data all on one page, meeting the needs of users. With Markets Overview, users can view real-time statistics, such as Crypto Rankings, Order Distribution, Price Change Distribution, and Historical Market Value, to keep up with the market trend.

Despite the many uncertainties facing the crypto market in 2023, we have also witnessed many emerging categories and innovative projects. By staying attuned to market developments and tracking the latest trends, crypto investors could seize a first-mover advantage as they try to make informed decisions through market observations. Serving as one of the bridges to crypto wealth, CoinEx’s [Market] segment facilitates investors to find more opportunities in a volatile market.


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