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Malaysian tourist group visits southern Bosra city

A Malaysian group of 40 tourists visited Monday Busra al-Sham city in Daraa, most of them are retired teachers, clerics and economists, in the framework of their ten-day visit to Syria.

Anwar Ahmed, a mosque Imam, told SANA reporter that Syria will recover again from the Impacts of the terrorist war imposed on it, expressing his admiration with the ancient sites in Busra al-Sham city.

Abu Bakr Khalifa, the trip coordinator, thanked the Syrian government for its care and interest in the archaeological sites, noting that Bosra Theater is a unique architectural masterpiece in the world.

In turn, Khadija Muhammad, a doctor, was satisfied with the atmosphere of security in the country and was admired to see the ancient ruins.

Aisha Bagan, a religions teacher, noted that Syria is a place for large amount of archaeological monuments in general, and Busra in particular which reflected its cultural superiority on level of the world.

Source: Syrian Arab News Agency