MECC Celebrates Earth Hour

The Ministry of Environment and Climate Change (MECC) celebrated Earth Hour 2023 by turning off the lights of the Ministry’s main building (Al Udeid Tower) from 8:30 to 9:30 pm, in addition to all Ministry-affiliate buildings.

Earth Hour is observed annually on the last Saturday of March, with the aim of encouraging individuals and institutions to rationalize electricity consumption, protecting the environment, and raising awareness of the importance of protecting the planet.

MECC’s celebration of Earth Hour stems from the fulfillment of its responsibilities and role: in preserving the planet, replacing harmful energy sources with other renewable and environmentally friendly ones, as well as encouraging the local community to lead a sustainable life in order to reduce the use of energy sources that have a negative impact on the environment, in addition to reducing carbon emissions.

On this occasion, director of green development and environmental sustainability department at MECC Sheikh Dr. Soud bin Khalifa Al-Thani affirmed the Ministry’s eagerness to participate in observing Earth Hour for it to serve as a reminder to individuals and the local community of their responsibility in protecting the environment against all forms of pollution through encouraging them to turn off unnecessary lights and electronic devices for a single hour, indicating that every single person has a responsibility and a role in preserving planet earth from pollution, regardless of some peoples’ perception of the insignificance and affectivity of this role.

The director of the green development department pointed out that MECC is keen on participating in every global event related to the environment and the protection of the planet, stemming from its sense of responsibility and from its firm belief in the important role such events play in raising societal awareness of protecting the environment and spreading the culture of sustainability.

Sheikh Dr. Soud bin Khalifa Al-Thani explained that the State of Qatar is making unremitting and promising efforts to benefit from solar and wind energies being clean and renewable energies, establishing the Al Kharsaah solar power plant, which is expected to cover 10 percent of the country’s electric energy consumption, as well as MECC’s comprehensive scientific vision to protect the environment and contribute significantly to sustainable development, such as Qatar’s recently success in building football stadiums using recycled materials.

The director of the green development department stressed that the State of Qatar is fulfilling all of its international obligations in protecting the environment, and adopting the best advanced practices in protecting the environment and the planet from all kinds of pollution.

Source: Qatar News Agency

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