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Media Acclaims Doha-based GCC Summit Media Hub’s Enormous Capacities

Doha, – Journalists covering the 44th session of the GCC Supreme Council have appreciated the State of Qatar’s great media efforts through demonstrated in the media hub’s enormous capabilities that provided journalists with needed ease and flexibility during the event.

Speaking with Qatar News Agency , they praised the media hub as a distinguished, professional, creative model for providing all the capabilities, devices and equipment they needed for their coverage. They added that the flexible services boosted their media, journalistic and radio work and presented a professional image that matched the size of the event.

Al Arabiya Channel’s journalist and broadcaster Nayef Al Ahmari hailed the infrastructure, logistical and organizational equipment harnessed to the media for flexible and obstacle-free covering. He also valued the Qatari Ministry of Foreign Affairs’ efforts to offer GCC, Arab and foreign journalists professional and outstanding covering.

He added that the summit came amid current international circumstances and challenges, most notably the repercussions of the war in the Gaza Strip, along with other thorny regional files on its agenda.

Nada Al Raisi, from Abu Dhabi TV, said the media hub was well-equipped with all the needs of journalists, the appropriate space that accommodated the largest possible number of journalists from media outlets from all over the world.

The hub accommodated the largest possible number of visual, print and audio media, Al Raisi said, hailing the full coordination between Qatari and foreign media outlets and the tools provided for a first-hand covering.

Abdullah Al Daihani, a journalist on Kuwaiti television, said the State of Qatar offered journalists and the media a high degree of responsibility and professionalism, providing all the capabilities and professional information about the outcomes and recommendations of the Gulf Summit that takes place amid many circumstances and challenges.

Al Daihani told QNA that the State of Qatar provided great support to journalists and provided all capabilities, praising all the efforts made that deserve thanks and praise because it adheres to the highest professional and professional standards.

Yuhan Fuangzhou from China Central Television (CCTV) praised the equipment that was harnessed in the summits media hub in a way that meets ambitions and gives journalists the space to present their work with a high degree of professionalism, in addition to providing the necessary and important information that the journalist needs during media coverage.

The capacities and studios provided by the media hub are fully equipped, and provide the opportunity to conduct interviews with guests and experts with all flexibility and ease to cover the proceedings of this summit with the required professionalism, he told QNA.

Saudi Al Ikhbariya Channel’s Mohammed Al Hammadi valued the equipment and logistical services provided by the media hub in Doha to provide the necessary infrastructure and capabilities for a covering consistent with the scale of the event. He told QNA that the media awaited the closing statement for the summit that was held amid exceptional circumstances, given the Israeli aggression on the Gaza Strip.

The media hub included a pavilion for the GCC General Secretariat to introduce journalists and media professionals to the GCCs vision and goals, four fully equipped studios, and a professional space equipped with computers and high-quality internet, to facilitate media coverage of the session, in addition to a hall for seminars and dialogue sessions, and another for meetings.

Source: Qatar News Agency