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MINISO Opens New Flagship Store in One of the World’s Largest Shopping Malls in UAE

GUANGZHOU, China, Oct. 4, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Lifestyle product retailer MINISO (NYSE: MNSO) has opened its new flagship store in United Arab Emirates (UAE) on Sept 24. Located in Dubai Mall, one of the most prestigious shopping malls in UAE, the 387 square meters flagship store set a new sales record for the opening day

The Dubai Mall’s flagship store is the fifth MINISO’s new store since the pandemic began in 2020. So far, MINISO has opened 25 stores in UAE and five stores in Oman.

 MINISO opens a new flagship store in  Dubai Mall, one of the world's largest shopping malls in UAE.

“Since January 2020, we have experienced varying degrees of restrictions in this market, including lockdowns and curfews. The pandemic has also prompted a shake-up of the entire offline retail industry. We seized the opportunity by entering some of UAE’s top malls and opening new stores that create an enjoyable shopping experience for our customers,” said Jack Li, Regional Director of MINISO.

MINISO has adapted to the challenges posed by the pandemic in the UAE. When customers are not able to visit the offline stores during the pandemic, MINISO allows new communication using social media. To increase digital transformation amid the pandemic, since March 2020, MINISO has also worked with locally well-known online platforms such as Amazon, NOON, and MAF for selling its products. This becomes MINISO’s commitment to strengthen relationships with enterprise customers while establishing cooperation with more local online platforms.

The new physical stores: adapting to the changing customer needs

For physical stores, MINISO has also changed its in-store layout and product structure. In response to the surging demand for online learning during the pandemic, MINISO set up a digital learning products area in its stores. Special areas are also set up for popular hygiene products.

MINISO has conducted regular market research and identified the changing customer needs in UAE, such as home furnishing and accessories products. As a result, MINISO has built up a wall of accessories in the stores, which has become an attraction and led to the good sales performance of corresponding categories.

Through close conversations with customers, keeping an eye on the changing customer needs, and taking initiative actions in response to the uncertainties, MINISO continues its exploration with the UAE market. Going forward, MINISO aims to strengthen collaboration with UAE’s internet celebrities, in order to increase brand awareness across the UAE market and provide local customers with a more pleasant shopping experience.

About MINISO Group

MINISO is a lifestyle product retailer, offering high-quality household goods, cosmetics, food, and toys at affordable prices. Since its first store opened in Guangzhou in 2013, MINISO has 4,749 stores in 99 countries and regions as of June 30, 2021. With a focus on sleek design and fun trends, its mission is to enable everyone to enjoy life’s little surprises.

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